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Координационный совет

The Coordination Council, the highest governing body of the National Center, was established in early 2013 and consists of eleven members:

1) Akyikatchy (Ombudsman);

2) One deputy of the Kyrgyz Republic JogorkuKenesh (hereinafter referred to as the JogorkuKenesh) proposed by a parliamentary majority;

3) One deputy of the JogorkuKenesh proposed by the parliamentary opposition;

4) Eight representatives of non-commercial organizations registered in accordance with the procedure established by law, whose statutory activities are related to the protection of the rights to freedom from torture, cruel treatment and punishment.


1.Yuliya Nikolaevna Votslava

Coordination Council Chairman

Program Coordinator

Public foundation“Legal Prosperity”


2. Asel Kantemirovna Koilubaeva

Deputy of Coordination Council Chairman

Chairman of the Coalition Against Torture

Law Program Coordinator

Public foundation “GolosSvobody”


3. Asel Soyuzbekovna Koduranova

Coordination Council Member

Deputy of the Kyrgyz Republic JogorkuKenesh, VIthconvocation, Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan


4. Farkhat Azhmukhanbetovich Iminov

 Coordination Council Member

Deputy of the Kyrgyz Republic JogorkuKenesh, VIthconvocation, political party “Respublika Ata Jurt”


5. Kubat Tabyldievich Otorbaev

Coordination Council Member

Kyrgyz Republic Akyikatchy (Ombudsman)


6. Nazgul Usenovna Turdubekova

Coordination Council Member

Head of PF “Child’s Rights Defenders League”


7. Dilyara Narovna Nurmetova

Coordination Council Member

Social and law center “Spektr”, Karakol


8. Utkir Rustamovich Dzhabbarov

Coordination Council Member

PA “Spravedlivost”


9. Rysbek Sheralievich Adamaliev









Coordination Council Member

PF “Kylym Shamy”


10. Bakyt Abdrakhimovich Moidunov

Coordination Council Member

NGOs’ Association “Advocacy Center for Human Rights”


11. Burul Dzheenbekova Makenbaeva

Coordination Council Member

PA “Mental Health and Society”



Report on torture