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The primary activities of the National center are aimed at preventing torture and ill-treatment inplaces of detention with regard toinmates and promoting better detention conditions. This is done through sudden visitspayed on any day and at any time of the day without prior notification to the institution’s administration.

In addition to this, we:

  • Develop recommendations for relevant bodies to improve the detention and treatment conditions for persons deprived of their liberty;

  • Raise awareness and promote intolerance towards torture and ill-treatment;

  • Assist legislators in improving the existing and adopting new laws helping to combat torture and ill-treatment;

  • Cooperate and coordinate efforts with state bodies, civil society and the Ombudsman in the fight against torture in the Kyrgyz Republic;

  • Refer individual cases to the competent authorities for further investigation;

  • Present annual reports to the JogorkuKenesh on the state of the prevention of torture and other ill-treatment in the country.

Report on torture