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Recommendations to National and Local Self-Government Authorities

 Recommendations by the Coordination Council:

  1. Basing on the generalization of the practice of preventive visits to places of custody and detention, the Coordination Council develops recommendations on the elimination of factors and conditions contributing to the use of torture and ill-treatment against persons in places of custody and detention, and the improvement of conditions of detention.
  2. Recommendations of the Coordination Council are sent to the relevantgovernment agencies and officials of the Kyrgyz Republicforappropriate response measures.
  3. State bodies and officials must inform the Coordination Council about themeasures taken within one month from the date they received the recommendations.


If the National Center identifies the use of torture andother types of ill-treatment, state bodies shall immediately take measures to eliminate the factors and conditions contributing to such use and to provideinformation on measures taken against the employees responsible for such use within one day.


Report on torture