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Torture prevention cannot be implemented without joint actions. The NPM specifics is that we are the dialogue organ. Our partners are state bodies, local non-profit organizations, international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations.


Partners for torture prevention:

  • State bodies and departments
  • Local human rights institutions
  • International organizations
  • Foreign human rights institutions
  • Civil society
  • Mass media
  • Medical workers
  • Lawyers and attorneys-at-law


State bodies and departments:

  • Kyrgyz Republic Jogorku Kenesh(Parliament);
  • Kyrgyz Republic President;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Government;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Prosecutor General’s Office;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Kyrgyz Republic State Committee for National Security;
  • Kyrgyz Republic State Penitentiary Service under the Government;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Social Development;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Health;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Defense;
  • Kyrgyz Republic General Staff of the Armed Forces;
  • Kyrgyz Republic State Border Service;
  • Municipalities and local authorities;
  • Kyrgyz Republic Ombudsman (Akyikatchy).


Local human rights institutions:

  • Human rights movement “Bir Duino – Kyrgyzstan”
  • Coalition Against Torture in Kyrgyzstan

The Coalition against Torture in Kyrgyzstan was established in 2011 and is an informal association of non-governmental non-profit organizations, civic activists and their supporters, united by the goal of preventing and combating torture in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Currently, the Coalition against Torture consists of 16 non-governmental organizations:

NGOs’ Association “Advocacy Center for Human Rights”, NGO “Child’s Rights Defenders League”, NGO Partner Group “Precedent”, NGO “Ventus”, NGO “Union of Solidarity”,  PHRO “Spravedlivost”, PF “Voice of Freedom”, PF “Alternative”, PF “GolosSvobody”, PF“Kylym Shamy”, PF “Luch Solomona”, PF“Youth Human Rights Group”, PF “Independent Human Rights Group”, Social and LawCenter “Spektr”, PF “Center of Assistance to International Protection”, PF “Accent” and two civil activists – Ikram Mameshov and AlmazEsengeldiev.


International organizations:

  • UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture
  • UNHCR Office in Central Asia
  • OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek
  • Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan
  • “Freedom House” in Kyrgyzstan
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation


Foreign human rights institutions:

  • Association for the Prevention of Torture (Switzerland)
  • Bristol Human Rights Implementation Centre (United Kingdom)
  • Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights (Austria)


Mass media:

  • Regional human rights portal “Voice of Freedom of Central Asia”
  • Publishing house“VecherniyBishkek”
  • Information portal AKIpress
  • Informational and entertaining portal Kaktus.media

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