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Отчеты по посещениям

Per the Law on the National Center (Article 23) there are following types of periodic visits:

  1. Comprehensive visit;

  2. Interim visit;

  3. Special visit.

Reports on each visit, which shall not contain confidential and personal information, shall be posted on this www.npm.kg website.


Reports on comprehensive visits

Preventive visits to places of custody and detention accompanied by a comprehensive inspection are aimed at a thorough analysis and evaluation of the custody and detention system and identification of the main factors contributing to the use of torture and ill-treatment with regard todetainees.

A comprehensive visit shall include face-to-face interviews with at least one-third of the total number of inmates and the study of information related to their treatment, including medical histories of some inmates subject to their consent, orders of the administration to impose penalties, and documents certifying the legality of inmates’ stay in the institution.

Reports on interim visit

Interim preventive visits to places of custody and detention shall be paid in between comprehensive visits at any interval with no prior notification.

The purpose of an interim preventive visit is to monitor the implementation of the recommendations and to ensure thatinmates  andemployees of places of custody and detention have not been repressed for their cooperation with the monitoring group.

Reports on special visits

A special visitshall follow each and every communication on the use of torture and ill-treatment, a death in a place of custody or detention, or aims at the investigation of a particular problem.

Report on torture